The longest trial in the world and German history. Turiksh mafia smiles

The longest trial in the world and German history. Introduction A East German faces trial in Munich for murdering ten Turks together with two dead friends. The case is called NSU or national socialist undergound a right wing group of three persons. Two group members died in the year 2011 the only one alive of this groups is Beate Zschaepe. The foreign criminals responsible for several killed foreigners mostly Turkish and Kurdish, several bank robberies, and the murder of a policewomen were never indicted during ten years by provincial police and state prosecutors despite of a lot of evidence pointing to several and not connected foreign looking suspects. After the federal police and federal attorney-general took the cases over suddenly three persons from East Germany were indicted without any hard evidence. All these crimes are dealt with in Munich. It is the longest trial in history for four years and already more than 300 days in court and no hard evidence was presented there. But r…

State prosecutor Theo Waigel and his HOME Bavaria Selection of 4 Justice Scandals

Cases scandals written and translated in English by Stefan Kellmer this blogger victim of Theo Waigel and other Bavarian politicians and judges

1.Bauer Rudi  Farmer Rudi

Who never heard about the largest known public scandal called Gustel Mollath see chapter 2.1.3. should first read the first shown scandal chapter 2.1.1. “Bauer Rudi” or the death of farmer Bauer Rupp. To make it short Bavarian court imprisoned an entire farming family for killing their father although the body was never found. After the body was found in the Danube river eight years after the trial. And indeed the body was found in the father’s in the Danube but the court was not willing to free the still imprisoned family members and they also refused to open a retrial and to declare the innocence of the whole family. It was clear that the father missed to drive on the road and drove into the Danube whilst returning from a restaurant on his way back to his s house.
Furthermore, you should only consider a f…